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Original kombucha flavor is brewed to have as low sugar and low carbs as possible, so we call it 'Kombucha Lite.'

Kombucha Lite is made with a blend of Golden Monkey imported from China and Darjeeling de Triumphe imported from India. The featured blend is a result from years of tea-pairing experiments, and the exact ratio is known only by our Master Brewer.

Both the presence of a catechin called Epigallocatechin Gallate-3 (EGCG 3) and flavanoids in the teas have numerous health benefits:

• Improves Digestion
• Promotes Brain Health
• Makes Skin Healthier
• Reduces Body Fats
• Increases Energy
• Prevents cancers, Alzheimer's, and diabetes
• Stimulates the circulatory system
• Promotes healthy bones and teeth
• Alleviates cardiovascular atherosclerosis

Combined together, our teas not only have a clean fresh taste, but their specific chemical properties maximize what King Tide Kombucha can do for your health.

*One gallon of kombucha is delivered in two 64 oz growlers or eight 16 oz glass bottles and a King Tide Organics cooler bag. Original is made with all organic ingredients and brewed with filtered water with added beneficial minerals and no fluoride. No added sugar.