Butterfly Vanilla

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Butterfly Vanilla

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Traveling through Asia sampling teas for our kombucha, we came across an herb we had never seen before: Butterfly Pea. It's magnificent fluorescent purple color drew us in and the unique herbal flavor kept us sipping.

It turns out Butterfly Pea is a natural nootropic, making it beneficial to cognitive function. Acetylcholine found in the herb is shown to be helpful for leaning and improving memory.

With a little added vanilla, this blend of flavors becomes delicious hybrid of brain food and cream soda.

*One gallon of kombucha is delivered in two 64 oz growlers or eight 16 oz glass bottles and a King Tide Organics cooler bag. Butterfly Vanilla is made with organic green tea, organic butterfly pea, organic vanilla, and brewed with filtered water with added beneficial minerals and no fluoride. No added sugar.