Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The Water Brewery

v1.0 - 05.05.2020

Subscriber, recipient of water Delivery Subscription Service.

Subscription, monthly delivery service of waters provided by The Water Brewery via our partner Picked.

Delivery Company, re-distributor for The Water Brewery providing fulfillment of water delivery orders.

The Water Brewery, provider of water products..


Delivery Service

  • Water Type
    • Subscriber may choose one from the following water products for each delivery. 
      • Vitae
      • Vitae + Alkaline Boost
      • Vitae + Mineral Booster
      • AMORE
    • Color coded stickers  will provide indication of the water product inside the container.
    • Subscriber can switch to another product at anytime, the change may take up to 1 delivery cycle to reflect in the fulfillment
  • Water Bottles
    • Subscriber may choose one from the following bottle types which will apply to all deliveries.
      • Glass
        • 3 gallon tall no spigot 
      • Plastic
        • 3 gallon tall no spigot
        • 5 gallon narrow-mouth no spigot
    • Interchangeability
      • Subscribers may not receive the same bottles with each delivery
    • Cleaning
      • Bottles will be cleaned, sanitized, and refreshed
    • Damage, Wear & Tear
      • Subscriber may be liable for damages to bottles above and beyond normal wear and tear (scratches, scuffs, abrasions) including cosmetic or functional (dents, cracks, leaks)
      • Subscriber is not liable for manufacturing defects, in the case that bottle is received with a defect, Subscriber must promptly report to The Water Brewery for remediation.  A replacement bottle can be brought on next delivery cycle if needed.

  • Serviceable Distance
    • Delivery Company is able to provide service to subscribers within an approximate 10 mile radius from The Water Brewery location
      • Upon sign-up, subscriber proximity will be determined to ensure the delivery address is within the serviceable area by Picked
      • The Water Brewery and Delivery Company reserves the right to deny service based on service location
    • Subscriber must provide at least 7 days advance notice of address change to Delivery Company
      • When an address change is initiated, Delivery Company and The Water Brewery will evaluate the serviceability of the new address and reserves the right to cancel the subscription

  • Scheduling
    • Delivery Company can fulfill orders at the following frequency
      • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly
    • The following are designated days of when delivery will occur based on Subscriber type
      • Residential Subscriber
        • deliveries are fulfilled on Sundays
      • Corporate Subscriber
        • deliveries are fulfilled on Mondays
    • Area of placement
      • Subscriber may specify desired area of placement at the delivery destination when placing the Subscription order
    • Missed Delivery
      • Picked will track down missing orders if it is determined the order was delivered to the wrong address. A replacement order can be delivered on the next delivery day.
    • Missed Pickup
      • If bottles are not collected, a tally will be marked on a shared excel sheet between Picked and TWB. After 3 consecutive missed bottle returns, the customer may be charged the equivalent deposit amount for the missing bottles. The deposit will be returned to the customer upon collection of the bottles.
    • Rescheduling
      • Customers are able to reschedule any water order within 24 hours notice before midnight on the day of delivery. Other orders that are not water related may have a different rescheduling or cancelling deadline.
    • Suspension
      • Customers may skip scheduled delivery orders through their account for any reason as long as it meets the cancelling deadlines of each product.
    • Account Management
      • Customers must create an account through the Picked website in order to manage their orders.  The Picked FAQ page will answer the majority of customer issues. For further help, customers can email contactpicked@gmail.com. Upon completion of the store’s manager account, TWB should first be contacted to assist customers in account management.
  • Safety & Security
    • Single-use tamper-evident bottle caps will be used to ensure product arrives in pristine condition
    • Photography of each delivery may be captured for delivery confirmation and assurance
    • Water bottles must be kept away from direct sunlight, in a cool environment to best preserve its beneficial characteristics, and away from areas with dust or particulate accumulations

  • Fees & Payment
    • If bottles are not returned, or an excess amount of bottles have yet to be returned, a bottle deposit charge will occur on the customer's account. This deposit is refundable upon return of the bottles.
      • $30 refundable deposit per glass bottle
      • $15 refundable deposit per plastic bottle
    • Glass Handling
      • Subscriptions with glass bottles will include a glass handling fee of $0.25 per gallon (included in the price)
    • Monthly subscription
      • Subscription fee includes water, delivery, and any special handling fees
      • Subscription charges will occur on the day of delivery. If a credit card fails, 3 additional charge attempts will be made. If the payment fails at 3 additional attempts, contact with the customer will be initiated. If customer does not respond in a timely manner, their subscription will be cancelled.
    • Bottle Damage
      • Subscriber grants permission to Delivery Company to charge payment method on file to cover the cost of replacement of bottles due to damages incurred by Subscriber up to and including the full amount of the initial deposit; Subscriber must forfeit bottle deposit fee in order for Delivery Company to replace damaged bottles

  • Refunds
    • Mid-term cancellations
    • Bottle deposit
      • Bottle deposit will be charged online upon first subscription order.
    • General refund policy
      • If something is found to be defected with a product, a refund may be issued. Picked will be reimbursed for the value of the refund and any payment processor charges.

  • Cancellation Policy
    • Subscriber may cancel subscription anytime. Cancellations that occur after the 24 hour cancellation deadline may result in one last additional charge and delivery.
    • Once a subscription is permanently cancelled, the customers must return their bottles to The Water Brewery to receive their bottle deposit back.

  • Liability Waiver
    • The Water Brewery cannot be held liable for degradation of product quality once the product has been fulfilled and has left the Store Location
    • Subscriber waives any claim of injury or harm through the use of this service including but not limited to:
      • injury caused by handling of bottles
      • any unintentional side-effect of using the product